Tuned Pipes

221T Tuned Pipe

Extreme RC Mods offer a range of high performance, stainless steel tuned exhaust pipes for a range of nitro engine capacities. Each pipe is hand crafted and fusion TIG welded in house at Extreme RC Mods. Key parts are laser cut for repeatability, fitment and perfection.

These pipes are designed to work in all applications. By setting a small gap between the pipe and header you can tune the pipe to the engine you are running. A smaller gap will help the engine push very high into the rpm range for those with lots of torque. A bigger gap will shift the power band towards the lower rpm range, substantialy increasing low end torque while maintaining a good top end. We have been testing this style of pipe for over seven years however they were a generic pipe made for boats and aircraft. This pipe was designed to work specifically with land based nitro RC's to help pull every ounce of power that conventional pipes may miss.

Baja and gas boat pipes coming soon.

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Big Block

End Bleed (Standard)

221T End Bleed Pipe

The end bleed is a straight through, loud, monster of a pipe. This pipe is suited for engine sizes of .21 and up. Raw finish pictured, also available hand polished. Right hand mount variant pictured, also available in left hand mount.

Side Bleed (Optional)

221T Side Bleed Pipe

The side bleed variant is a little more quiet than its counterpart with virtually no loss of power. The stinger points outwards which may be beneficial for many owners. This pipe is suited for engine sizes of .21 and up. Hand polished finish pictured, also available raw. Right hand mount variant pictured, also available in left hand mount.

Standard End Bleed: $150.00


  • Side bleed: +$30.00
  • Inline coupler: +$30.00
  • Hand polished finish: +$35.00

Truggy Side Bleed

221T Truggy Side Bleed Pipe

This truggy side bleed variant is the same as the regular side bleed but with a relocated stinger designed to fit truggies. This pipe is suited for engine sizes of .21 and up. Raw finish pictured, also available hand polished. Most truggies should require left hand mount (pictured) but right hand mount is available on request.

If you require this variant, please make a note in the order form.

Side Bleed: $180.00


  • Inline coupler: +$30.00
  • Hand polished finish: +$35.00

Small Block

222B Side Bleed Pipe

The new small block pipe brings the same unrestricted power of the 221T to the world of small block engines. Available in a raw or hand polished finish and all options such as left handed, right handed, end bleed, side bleed and one piece mount are available. More details are below. Specify what you want on ordering, or contact us for more information.

End Bleed: $140.00


  • Side bleed: +$30.00
  • Inline coupler: +$30.00
  • Hand polished finish: +$30.00


Hand Polished Finish

By default, all ERCM pipes come with a natural raw steel finish. Due to high demand for the hand polished finish, a small fee has been added in order to cover additional equipment, materials and time.

Inline coupler

By default, pipes come with a interface for silicone exhaust couplers such as HPI #87052. Alternatively pipes are available with an option for spring coupled inline headers. Header, springs and gasket are not included. We recommend using a thick gasket, such as HPI #87049 or similar, as standard ones tend to be too flimsy.

Please check your current exhaust to determine which option you require.

221T Inline End Bleed pipe

Mounting Side

All pipes are available in either left or right hand mount variants. Please specifiy what you require on ordering. Included in price.


ERCM offers custom fitment for pipes as well as custom laser etching of text or designs, for example business or club names, logos, etc. Please contact for design and a quote for price.

221T Inline End Bleed Custom pipe


To place an order click here or to discuss options send an email to .

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Any additional charges such as shipping or insurance are not included in the prices listed above.


Joel Kuusman

It goes without saying that this pipe gives you all the power it promises; there are countless testimonials and messages on various forums about this. After several tanks put through it I can only agree on this!

As a welding engineer and a person who has done years of quality control work in metal fabrication, I wanted to look into this side of the promised quality. Some may think that the price is high for a pipe like this, however after looking at this in detail I am of the opposite opinion - it is surprisingly cheap compared to the quality and time put into it. You really have to understand the amount of time and detail put into a product like this until you can fully appreciate this! Without doubt that you get a bang for your buck also in quality!

When you count in the masterfully done welding without any imperfections and perfectly controlled heat input with the shape and dimensions of the pipe that is made from thin sheet metal and hand shaped, you start getting half of the picture. It is made to be accurate in shape and is definitely very strong. It is evident that this all is done by a very skillful craftsman!

John Crawford

The ERCM 221T pipe is NO JOKE!!! This pipe with a modded Picco is a powerhouse. The sound and raw power that comes from this pipe is amazing and no other pipe on the market comes close. The first time I fired it up in my XL I was blown away by how much of a difference it made. It was well worth every penny. My opinion is that everyone in the market for a new pipe should REALLY consider the ERCM pipe.

After running both 053 (mid range) and 086 (high speed) pipes, Robin truly hit the nail head on with this creation. True power throughout the entire power band.... Why buy a pipe that only works for a portion of the power band? That's like buying new tires and not putting any air in them. Besides it looks cool!

Robin's customer service is bar none the best in the buisness. You can call him or he will literally call you up and walk you through any problems you might have and answer all your questions. Where else are you going to or ever gotten that kind of customer service??? THANKS ROBIN!!!!!!

Craig Dziak

I've been in and out of the hobby over the years and with a renewed love for RC last year, I bought a Savage X4.6 new. I had a blast last year with it stock. This winter I decided to spend the money on one of Robin's end bleed pipes. After reading so many positive things and reading through all of the helpful information Robin has offered to RC and Savage owners alike, I knew I wasn't going to be disappointed. What I didn't realize was just how amazing the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and overall quality was going to be. The night I received my pipe I just stared at it for awhile. Once I got it mounted I couldn't wait to hear it.

Nothing I read or watched could have prepared me for the heavy metal symphony that my F4.6 now plays. I know this thing still isn't perfectly tuned, but it is simply amazing. 5 tanks in and this thing is a beast. When it's time, Robin will get my F4.6 to mod, and I'll be investing in a small block pipe soon as well.

I would not only consider myself another satisfied ERCM customer, but a loyal follower through & through.

Thank you Robin, for an astounding contribution to sinister grin on my face, every time I run my Savage.

Martin Burchard

After crushing, splitting and generally destroying various other pipes I began my search for something better, something indestructible, this is what brought me to this site and to this pipe.

I decided an end bleed polished pipe was in order, after a few emails it was on its way, then the day came it was here I immediately cut open the packing to find an exquisitely hand crafted pipe that is built to last, the quality of the welding is what struck me first and not just the polished finish on the outside but the on the inside, a perfect seam, it was at this point that I realized the $100s I had been wasting on other pipes.

After attaching it to my Savage and a quick re-tune I was off to see what this pipe could do and what can I say but WOW this thing makes insane power, really woke up my old LRP spec 3 to the point that I may have to change my gearing to compensate for the extra torque.

With all that in mind I will be recommending ERCM products to all my friends and to anyone reading this.

Jake Dougherty

I heard about Robin through a lot of forums and was recommended to him by a guy that was helping me out. Right from the start talking with Robin was easy and he made you feel like you have been friends for years. I was interested in a pipe for my k5.9 and reading about ERCM and watching You-Tube videos I figured I would give his pipe a shot.

I was very happy with the Cen Genesis pipe I have and the response it gave my K5.9 but I had no idea what was in store for me when a package from Robin came in the mail with my new ERCM end bleed pipe. As soon as my k5.9 fired up I could hear the ROAR of my new pipe!!! Before I adjusted my carb for my new pipe I was going off my setup from my Old Gen Cen, the power and top end was visually more powerful, faster and the LOUD NOISE this new Pipe made was AWESOME! After about a half tank I grabbed my tools and tweaked out my carb to make everything fire like it is suppose to. My Savage had taken on a new form. I never would have thought a pipe would have made that much of a difference!

I have a completely new truck now thanks to Robin. I would tell anybody who owns a new k5.9 to buy this Pipe hands down over all the others!! If you are in the market for a pipe or just want to improve the overall performance of your engine without purchasing a new one or modifying it then an ERCM tuned pipe is what you need to get!

Based on my experience I have also gone ahead and ordered a Picco .28 and another ERCM pipe because I want to have the fastest Savage XL in my area and local tracks. I have people asking me if I have modified my k5.9 and they don't believe me when I tell them I just put on a ERCM tuned pipe and this is how much faster and powerful it is because of just the pipe!

Jessie Nordstrom

I purchased one of Robin's pipes as soon as they were available and from the first phone call I was already impressed and I hadn't even got the pipe yet. Robins customer service is second to none and so are his products. I recieved my pipe in a timely fashion and in pristine condition, I swear he wore gloves to package it cause there wasnt even a finger print on it. With advice and direction from Robin the pipe was mounted and performing in no time.

The quality and finish of the pipe was and still is impressive even after 2 gallons of abuse and neglect. It woke up both the mills that I have tried it on (Axial .32 and Hpi 4.6) and I havnt even begun to experiment with adjustments yet.

Every time someone in the hobbies hears or see's this pipe they immediately ask where they can get one. I have been in the hobby for 10 years and have spent a fortune on all kinds of RC products and I can honestly say this is the best rc product I have ever purchased and is worth every penny and then some. I also love the fact that Robin is always a phone call or email away if I have questions or need help. Great product, amazing service and an even better guy.

Alfredo Anis Jr.

I just bought the best performance upgrade for my savage from Robin! I had been following Robin's work for a couple months when I finally got to speak to Robin on the phone. As many would say he is one of the most welcoming people you will ever speak with. I didn't even have my pipe yet and just from the phone conversation I was excited about receiving it.

Then the day came I got this package that had my mouth dropping when I opened it. The craftsmanship that goes into every angle of his pipes is phenomenal.

After getting it mounted I took it out and fired it up and I must say WOW. This is exactly what I want my savage to sound like. The amount of power it adds is stunning. Just from a blurb of the throttle you can tell the engine just wants to go. This pipe looks good sounds good and is the best performance add on I have purchased yet. Every time I have my savage out I get asked "What kind of pipe you running?" I, with a smile on my face, tell them about robin and this website.

Darren Bernard

I received this pipe and immediately mounted it up on my savage. As soon as I started it I could hear the difference, this pipe definitely roars! Once I adjusted my tuning for the new pipe, my stock HPI f4.6 screams more than ever before, I can now pull wheelies on command even with my huge Big Joe tires! I couldn't be happier with the quality and finish of this pipe, not one imperfection. I will be sure to come to Extreme RC Mods for all my future exhaust needs - there is simply no going back after owning one of these.