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Championship trophies

Extreme RC Mods is dedicated to producing the most powerful and efficient modified motors in the nitro world. Whether you are racing or bashing, consistent and controllable power on demand is something that all drivers demand from their engines. The range of mods offered by ERCM deliver extreme controllable power, fuel efficiency and the all important edge over your competition.

ERCM takes a great deal of pride in building each and every engine as if it were my own, Robin Fothergill. Customer service is number one, with a few short questions your engine can be tailored to your exact preference. Any questions after you receive your engine are just an email away, with over ten years of experience your engine is in good hands before and after the modification. Every engine is analyzed from top to bottom so I can understand what the best application of modification would suit the engine, and you. Depending on what you want, an engine can gain a nice smooth power band for racing or be modified to be a monster bashing machine.

The trophies you see above are just a small representation of what ERCM engines are capable of. Sam Filiadis swept away the 2009 Australian National Monster Truck Championship powered by an ERCM Picco.

A special thank you goes to my R&D man James Duff. He has been a huge contributor to ERCM with testing, feedback, and videos. Thanks buddy.